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Charles Banks Wilson
(Oklahoma, 1918 - )

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Charles Banks Wilson is a well-known Oklahoma artist who is nationally recognized for his contribution to the Indian art world. Growing up with a blind grandmother, Wilson learned to interpret the details of life both verbally and artistically. Wilson has sought out the last of the "pure bloods" and captured them forever in his lithographs and paintings.

Wilson's art depicts the people, animals and landscapes of the state and Southwest. His paintings, drawings and prints take the viewer back to the early days of Oklahoma statehood, his bold palette and dramatic patterns expressing the energy and excitement of state history.

Wilson, who perhaps is best known for his murals in the rotunda of the Oklahoma State Capitol and his portraits of Will Rogers, is recognized as a painter, printmaker, magazine and book illustrator. Few other artists have become as identified with their own state as Oklahoman Wilson.


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