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Joseph Vorst
(Germany, 1897-1947)

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Joseph Vorst moved to the United States and settled in St. Louis, Missouri in 1930. He became known as a painter of murals and portraits, a block printer, and an illustrator. As a close friend and student of Thomas Hart Benton, the artist was employed by the W.P.A. and was a member of the American Artists' Congress. The subject matter most favored in works commissioned by the W.P.A. were those that were typically American, and clearly recognizable as such. This encouraged the so-called American Scene paintings of the 1920s and 30s of which Benton was among the top producers. Vorst produced several prints and lithographs, many of which are owned by or dedicated to Benton himself.


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Loading Sawdust


Cattle Buying


Cattle Buying
(included with painting)


Progressive Missouri


Arkansas Farmer


Lord Give Me Peace



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