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Thomas Hart Benton
(1889 - 1975)

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Likely the most important painter of the American Scene Movement, Thomas Hart Benton created a style and addressed subject matter that was uniquely American as well as specific to his state of Missouri, and that combined elements of modernism and realism. His signature painting was regionalist genre, especially laboring figures. In addition to many murals, he also painted landscapes and portraits.

He was both a prolific lithographer and writer, including two autobiographies, "An Artist in America," and "An American Art." Fellow Missourian and former United States President Harry Truman said that Benton was "the best damned painter in America."


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Approaching Storm


Benton Farm


The Boy


Cofee Pot


County Politics


Cradling Wheat


The Corral




Down the River


Fire in the Barnyard


Forward Pass


Frankie and Johnnie


Gateside Conversation


Goin' Home




I Got a Gal on Sourwood Mountain




Jesse James


Making Camp


The Meeting


Minstrel Show


The Music Lesson


Morning Train


Night Firing


Old Man Reading


The Prayer Meeting


The Race




Slow Train Through Arkansas


The Station


Waiting for the Revolution


West Texas


Wreck of the 'Ol 97


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