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George Bellows
(1882 - 1925)

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Bellows was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1882 where he was raised in a frugal, conservative, Republican, Methodist household. He attended Ohio State University, where he made drawings for college publications and played baseball (at one time contemplating a career as a professional ballplayer).

In 1904 he studied under painter Robert Henri at the New York School of Art. There he learned a broad, spontaneous style using strong contrasts of light and dark, and took Henri's interest in realistic subject matter taken from daily life.

Bellows taught at the Art Students League (1909-11), was a member of the organizing committee for the famed Armory Show in 1913 and was elected a full member of the National Academy. Unlike most of his contemporaries, Bellows never traveled to Europe.

In 1957, the National Gallery chose the work of George Bellows as the subject for its first-ever exhibition devoted to an American artist.


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